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  • Young City, Gdansk
    Young City, Gdansk
  • Warta Tower, Warsaw
    Warta Tower, Warsaw
  • PGE Headquarters, Warsaw
    PGE Headquarters, Warsaw
  • Griffin House, Warsaw
    Griffin House, Warsaw
  • Liberty Corner, Warsaw
    Liberty Corner, Warsaw
  • International Business Centre, Warsaw
    International Business Centre, Warsaw
  • Euromarket Office Building, Krakow
    Euromarket Office Building, Krakow
  • Atrium Tower, Warsaw
    Atrium Tower, Warsaw
  • Kazimierz Office Centre, Krakow
    Kazimierz Office Centre, Krakow
  • Zaulek Piekna Office Building, Warsaw
    Zaulek Piekna Office Building, Warsaw
  • Wisniowy Business Park, Warsaw
    Wisniowy Business Park, Warsaw
  • Diamond Business Oark, Ursus, Warsaw
    Diamond Business Oark, Ursus, Warsaw
  • Klif Retail Centre, Warsaw
    Klif Retail Centre, Warsaw
  • Klif Retail Centre, Gdynia
    Klif Retail Centre, Gdynia
  • Turzyn Retail Centre, Szczecin
    Turzyn Retail Centre, Szczecin
  • Galeria Leszno, Leszno
    Galeria Leszno, Leszno
  • Galeria Pestka, Poznan
    Galeria Pestka, Poznan
  • Ogrody Retail Centre, Elblag
    Ogrody Retail Centre, Elblag
  • Galeria Narew Lomza, Lomza
    Galeria Narew Lomza, Lomza
  • Galeria Sosnowiec, Sosnowiec
    Galeria Sosnowiec, Sosnowiec
  • OBI DIY Stores
    OBI DIY Stores
  • Praktiker Stores
    Praktiker Stores
  • Amazon Warehouse, Poznan & Wroclaw
    Amazon Warehouse, Poznan & Wroclaw
  • Pilkington Glass Factory, Sandomierz
    Pilkington Glass Factory, Sandomierz
  • Tetrapak Packaging Plant, Olsztyn
    Tetrapak Packaging Plant, Olsztyn
  • Alfa Shopping Centre, Bialystok
    Alfa Shopping Centre, Bialystok

Szczegóły Projektu

Opis Projektu:

The Total Investment Volume in Poland for 2019 was in excess of €7 billion. Foreign Direct Investment was €11.35 billion to include investors  from Europe, USA, APAC, Middle East and Africa. Foreign Investors perceive Poland as a good location for risk diversification and stable investment returns in the long-term.

The volume of office investment in Poland for 2019 was €3.86 billion. 49% of total investment was in the Warsaw office market, but there is growing interest in regional cities. According to Savills' European Fintech Occupier Report Warsaw is one of the top ten most attractive cities for Fintech Companies in Europe. Warsaw is also one of the leading cities in Central and Eastern Europe where International IT Companies are most likely to open their offices. The IT industry is the driving force behind the Real Estate Market in Warsaw.
Investment in the Polish Retail Market was €1.9 billion.Tthe most sought after retal assets were shopping centres in smaller cities. Expansion and modernisation of older shopping centres constituted a significant part of the new supply of retail in 2019.  Some schemes underwent a thorough change of function, for example into a new format such as an outlet centre. Changing consumer habits and the increase of E.Commerce have lead to retail investments in Poland being increasingly connected, combining residential, office and retail functions as well as incorporating elements of urban life. So that more and more mixed-use projects are appearing.

Due to its' strategic location in the central part of Europe, at the crossroads of many important European routes, the Warehouse Market in Poland is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Polish economy. Investment in this sector amounted to €1.3 billion in 2019.

Our consultants have provided Professional advice to a number of International Investment and Funding Organisations as well as large European companies expanding their property portfolios. The type of Real Estate surveyed ranges from high-rise commercial office buildings to regional retail outlets as well as industrial and logistic centres.

Profession Advice has been provided for the purchase or disposal of real estate in the form of expert technical opinion on structures and building services as well as environmental aspects. Advice on the integrity of the structure and building services has been used by investors to assess maintenance and repair schedules.

Asset Enhancement is another major sector in which our consultants have been active, by bringing existing real estate up to modern standards. This can take the form of change of use, refurbishment and extension of retail outlets or refiguring of office space to obtain the most efficient use.

These are some of our Clients and the properties we have advised on.

Aviva / Bartlet Asset Management  /  Bluehouse Capital / Cadenza Principal Finance / Charter Hall / GLL Real Estate / Gardener & Theobald / HSBC Bank Polska / JLL / Klif /  M7 Real Estate / NEPI-Rockcastle / OBI / PGE / PGIM / Peakside / Pradera / Tetrapak /  Trinity